Partial Lace Wigs


As we know there are a lot of different types of wigs we can choose from. Lace front wigs, monofilament based wigs, full lace wigs and several more. However, we will be discussing partial lace wigs.

what is a partial lace wig?

A partial lace wig is a piece of lace that is constructed to only adhere to the front hairline and front perimeter of your head from ear to ear. These particular wigs do not need to be glued down because there is just a small area that is lace. These wigs also come with adjustable straps and clips to ensure wig is perfectly secured. You will defiantly get that natural look you are looking for with these units

why choose a partial lace wig?

  1. No need to be glued down: why tear out your edges by constantly gluing down your lace wig just for it to look natural?
  2. Very easy to handle: why not wear a wig that you can easily take off when you get home from a long day and then put it back on in the morning if you desire?
  3. Very secure: wig comes with adjustable straps and clips to ensure wig is properly secured in place without the help of glue.
  4. You can be versatile: why not wear a different wig today, a different wig tomorrow and the day after that your natural hair?. You can even style your wig however you want.
  5. Budget Friendly: why not get a wig that you do not need to break the bank? a partial lace wig is a lot cheaper than a full lace wig. Hair is still 100% Virgin Hair only difference is just a little area has lace to give you that flawless look.

Partial Lace Bang Bob Wig

This bang bob wig is sexy and classy, the wig is 100% virgin hair which is partial lace, meaning just a little area in the middle is lace. There is no need to glue anything down because wig comes with adjustable straps and clips to ensure your wig is secure. This unit is very easy to handle and will give you that sassy natural look.

Partial Lace Side Part Bob Wig

This side part bob wig will definitely give you that sexy but elegant look. Hair is 100% virgin hair and partially lace, meaning lace is only going to be where the side part is placed. Side part can either be on the left or the right which is up to you. This glueless unit comes with adjustable elastic straps and clips for support, therefore there is no need to glue down anything. The bob wig already has a natural look to it, for that sassy finishing touch.

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